Lithosgroup/Home   Welcome To Lithosgroup   Lithos Group BV is a daughter company of the Dutch MAF-Group, which was founded in 1902, and comprises 3 trading companies, each specialized in their own industrial sector or geographical area:
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Within Lithos Group it’s all about raw materials. The various Lithos Group companies each have their own focus on specific products/markets which makes our people all specialists in their own fields. The separate companies are linked together through Lithos Group BV which makes them equipped to carry out their strategies, make optimal use of each other’s knowledge/skills/experience and act quickly with regard to customer demands, legislation and other developments. The Lithos Group companies are more than just distributors/agents. We strongly believe in building committed partnerships and long-term relationships with our customers ánd suppliers which has resulted in a strong delivery programme, close relationships, high-skilled personnel and a very high degree of service, quality and flexibility with services in the field of: · Technical support · Samples · Applicational support through the manufacturers · Analytical support through qualified laboratories · Import regulation · Legislational support · Advertising · Stockeeping · Constant search for new/improved products, etc.
All about  raw materials